Brett's Painted Bostons

AKC Boston Terriers- Traditional Tuxedo Bostons!

Updated on June 17, 2021

***Latest News***                   

New Puppies are posted on the New Arrivals page first.  After they are chosen around 4-5 wks of age, then their names are posted on the Recently Adopted page.

**** ALL PUPPIES are adopted from the Deposit List after an Application has been submitted & approved. ****

Current Breedings

*These dates are just projected- nature has it's own mind - Deliveries will be posted when they happen.


1.  MBISS PGCh Gr Sired Lucy x GCH Rockwell - (If pregnant, due late July - Will confirm)

2. BGCh Sired Gidget x GCH Rockwell (Will confirm)

***Breeder retains the right of first pick of any litter***

***Due To Cycle Sometime Soon***

    (nature isn't always on time)


GCh Sired Gidget x GCH Rockwell

MBISS PGCh Gr Sired Lucy x GCH Rockwell

MBISS PGCh Gr Sired Luna x BGCH Ranger

MBISS BGCh Sired Holly x Major Pt'd Maverick or

MBISS PGCh Gr Sired Tera x ?

(this will be Tera's final litter and has a home waiting) 

Planned Future Breedings

GCh Sired Roxy x Ch Sired Aslan

GCh Sired Kricket x BGCH Ranger

*** Choices of planned sires could change when the time comes for breeding.

I DO NOT Offer Full - Breeding- Registry AKC- ALL puppies are adopted on a Spay/Neuter Agreement!!!

** Pet Puppies- $2400    -    $2500 ** (depends on the puppy)

***Painted Bostons retains the right of first pick of Any litter.

If you are too far away to drive, I may be able to meet you 1-2 hours out (for gas fee),  I may be able to fly your puppy to you in cabin to your airport- hand deliver (for fee + my ticket) OR  meet you at my airport for a face to face meeting with your puppy before you fly him/her back with you. 

UPDATE- Currently with Covid, families far away are flying in, renting a car and driving to my home. Pick up is outside my home.

PUPPIES CAN LEAVE FOR THEIR NEW HOMES WHEN THEY ARE   8 WEEKS OF AGE.  **Puppies are expected to be picked up (or meet to get him/her)  by 8 wk's of age--

**If we keep your puppy longer than 8 wks of age extra fees will apply.

AIRLINE PET POLICIES to fly in cabin

Allegiant,       $50       8 wks of age

American,    $125       8 wks of age

Southwest      $95       8 wks of age

Alaska          $100       8 wks of age

Delta           $125      10 wks of age

United        $125       16 wks of age